Instagram kills Twitter Cards support

Twitter and Instagram part ways, with Instagram disabling all Twitter Cards support

BREAK UP. It looks like the end of good times between Instagram and Twitter.

MANILA, Philippines – Instagram has taken a more definitive step towards distancing itself from microblogging service Twitter. The Wall Street Journal reports that Instragram has completely disabled support for Twitter Cards.

Previously, Instagram disabled the ability to show photo previews on tweets.

The news was confirmed by the Twitter status blog, saying “Instagram has disabled photo integration with Twitter. As a result, photos are no longer appearing in Tweets or user photo galleries.” While Twitter users can still post Instagram links in their tweets, all users will get is a link leading to its Instagram page when they try to expand the tweet.

For users of the Twitter service, this translates into a lack of integration between the two services. The Twitter Cards let Twitter users show photo, video, and the text of articles they’ve linked on the microblogging service. 

While Twitter is working towards getting photo filters on the service before the end of the year, users will have to make do with a little inconvenience till the shift occurs. –

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