Globe launches $250-million SEA-U.S. undersea cable system

Victor Barreiro Jr.
Globe launches $250-million SEA-U.S. undersea cable system
This provides a link between Davao and the US, and is Globe's first direct connection to America via Guam, Hawaii, and California

MANILA, Philippines – Globe Telecom on Friday, August 11, launched a $250-million Southeast Asia-United States (SEA-US) submarine cable system providing a link between Davao and the United States.

The 14,500-kilometer undersea cable system connects to Globe’s cable landing station in Barangay Talomo, Davao City. It is the first direct connection of Globe to the US via Guam, Hawaii, and California.

The new cable system bypasses the Taiwan earthquake zone, allowing for both greater resiliency and faster data transmission to the US. It takes advantage of the latest 100 Gigabits per second (Gbps) transmission technology to deliver an additional 20 terabits per second capacity, which Globe says will “cater to the exponential growth of bandwidth between the two continents.”

The system was built by a consortium of 7 international telecommunications companies. It links 5 areas and territories, which include Manado (Indonesia), Davao (Philippines), Piti (Guam), Oahu (Hawaii, United States), and Los Angeles (California, United States).

In a press statement, Globe president and CEO Ernest Cu said, “We are excited about this development because of the immense benefits that the undersea cable system will bring to the Philippines. For one, it will provide support for the expanding business requirement for data in the Mindanao region where the cable landing station is located and in the country as a whole. This will also ease our dependence on international cable systems and ensure the resiliency of the country’s internet connectivity.”

Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) Secretary Rodolfo Salalima added, “On behalf of the Philippine government, we congratulate Globe Telecom for further improving the state of Internet connectivity in the Philippines. The launching of this SEA-US cable system underscores the importance of integrating ICT in the improvement of government service delivery.” – 

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