Hackers using Chrome, Facebook, Tumblr to get private data

Victor Barreiro Jr.
A new scam on Facebook is trying to get people to do the work to have their data on Google Chrome compromised

DATA DRAIN. A new scam attempts to get you to do the work of allowing hackers into your Chrome browser. Screen shot from http://philippeharewood.com/facebook/make-it-red-and-viral/

MANILA, Philippines – A report has recently surfaced regarding a new scam that attempts to drive people into giving away their private data through some rather sophisticated maneuvering.

The maneuver, as outlined by Philippe Harewood, entices people by offering them a chance to change the color of Facebook’s site theme through an event notification. The event then redirects users to an automatically made Tumblr account. This Tumblr page asks you to sign a fake EULA and privacy policy.

CHROME RED. The Facebook RED Chrome extension is a hack attempt. Screen shot from http://blog.webroot.com

After signing the EULA and privacy policy, they are then asked to install a rogue Google Chrome extension that gains access to your tabs, history, and the data on websites you’ve accessed or had account info saved on.

To aggravate the issue further, Webroot explains the whole campaign to grab one’s data is also apparently shown in the Chrome Web Store, though the page listed in Webroot’s explanation is now down as of this writing.

Users of Facebook and Google Chrome may want to be careful of any such offers floating around the Internet so you can avoid getting compromised as well. – Rappler.com

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