WATCH: 6 ways to spot a fake news article
Here are some tips to determine if a news article is fake or not

MANILA, Philippines – Have you ever accidentally shared a fake news story?

These days, fake news is everywhere. More and more people spread articles without checking their authenticity, and those behind fake news are getting better at disguising their work to look legitimate.

How can we avoid spreading false information? Check out these 6 tips for spotting fake news:

Check the source.

  • Is this media outlet known for its reliability?
  • Does the URL look fake?
  • Does the source’s website have an “About” page?

Don’t just read the headline.

  • Does the story have context?
  • Does the article progress logically?

Check for exaggerated or problematic language.

  • Does it use words that upset and enrage?
  • Is the title clickbait?
  • Does it have many typographical errors?

Check if the data in the story are backed by experts.

  • Did it get the information from a reliable authority?

Check the date when the article was published.

  • Sometimes out-of-date news is shared to create confusion.

Cross-check with reliable sources.

  • Do other credible media outlets carry the story?

You can also test your mind and see if you are able to differentiate between real news and fake ones by taking this quiz.

Don’t fall into the trap of sharing fake news. Next time you come across a dubious article, double-check before spreading it. 

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Animator Janina Malinis
Producer/Writer Nile Villa