Anime-streaming site Crunchyroll back online after hijacking

Victor Barreiro Jr.
Anime-streaming site Crunchyroll back online after hijacking
The site returns after malicious individuals hacked the popular site to serve malware to visitors

MANILA, Philippines – Anime fans were forced to avoid anime-streaming website Crunchyroll over the weekend following an announcement by the service on Twitter that it had been hijacked to serve malware.

The tweet on the evening of November 4 told users not to access Crunchyroll due to issues with the website, though it did say the app was alright.



A Medium post from Ellation, the owner of Crunchyroll, explained what had happened.

According to the post, “At 3:30am PST this morning, malicious individuals gained access and altered our Cloudflare configuration. Cloudflare sits between incoming visitors and Crunchyroll, and normally redirects traffic to Crunchyroll servers.”

As a result, people were being sent to a non-Crunchyroll hosted server that asked viewers to download a malicious file called “CrunchyViewer.exe.”

The file, Ellation wrote, “is malware directly targeting Windows PC web users.” 

Crunchyroll went back to proper operation after approximately 6 hours. 

The attack was isolated to Cloudflare rather than to Crunchyroll’s servers, meaning information on Crunchyroll’s servers was unaffected. 

Crunchyroll posted steps to remove the malware from user PCs on the following blogpost. – 

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