Apple’s latest macOS update is called Mojave

Victor Barreiro Jr.
Apple’s latest macOS update is called Mojave
Apple's latest MacOS update ends a so-called '4-year mountain bender' and adds plenty of quality of life changes and additional features

MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) – Apple’s latest macOS update ends a so-called “4-year mountain bender” with a trip to the desert in its latest MacOS version: Mojave.

MacOS Mojave was announced at the Apple’s 2018 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on Monday, June 4.

MacOS Mojave will feature a Dark Mode for everyone to take advantage of, with Xcode also supporting dark mode functionality.

DARK MODE. Craig Federighi shows off Dark Mode on MacOS Mojave. Screenshot from livestream

One other new feature of macOS Mojave is desktop stacks, which automatically categorizes files on the desktop into stacks which you can go through to declutter your Mac’s desktop space.

Meanwhile, a new view in finder – Gallery View – will let users view an image of a file at the top of the screen, with the rest of your files placed in a strip below the main image.

Depending on your preference, Apple will also be adding more pop-ups – primarily to allow for better control over your privacy. Users will be able to determine which apps have access to a user’s information and hardware. While these show up normally on iOS, the desktop will now ask if you want to share your contacts, location, photos, or microphone access through your operating system. 

Over on Safari, Apple is also adding an option to block social networks such as Facebook or Twitter from tracking a user online using like buttons or similar implements. It will also make it more difficult for marketers to track users. 

For those seeking further productivity, you’ll now also be able to mark documents or tweak files or make slight changes to files inside of Quick Look. Taking  screenshots will also now present users to mark up those pictures..

Speaking of pictures, Dynamic Desktop willl feature live wallpapers which can switch across your day. While the lone example shown during WWDC’s keynote was a photo that went from day to night. Apple has yet to clarify whether you can use your own photos with Dynamic Desktop or the feature is limited to Apple-specific photos. 

The Mac App Store will also be getting some upgrades, with a redesign that provides editorial content to make it less of a hassle to find a Mac app for your needs.

Additionally, Group Facetime will also work on macOS Mojave. –

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