Apple celebrates ‘World Emoji Day’ with 70 new emojis
Apple celebrates ‘World Emoji Day’ with 70 new emojis
Jeremy Burge, the creator of this annual celebration and founder of, has said in the past that he chose July 17 because the Apple calendar emoji shows the said date

MANILA, Philippines – Today, July 17, is apparently the day that the world is supposed to show a little extra love to emojis, as one Jeremy Burge – the founder of London-based website – had suggested in 2014.

That year, Burge chose the date for “World Emoji Day” for no other reason than the fact that Apple’s calendar emoji shows July 17 – a date that Google later quietly agreed to by changing their own calendar emojis to show the same date. 

Given its primordial ties, Apple isn’t letting the day pass without some pop and fizzle, announcing the future roll-out of 70 new emojis for its platforms.

The update will include representations for people with red hair, gray hair, curly hair and those with no hair at all; new smileys including a frozen face, a party face, a pleading face and a face with hearts; and new animals such as a kangaroo, peacock, parrot and lobster. Apple didn’t specify a release date aside from “later this year.” 

Along with the new emojis, Apple also gave their executive page a temporary makeover, transforming the photos of its leadership team to their emoji versions. The executive avatars, according to CNET, are part of Apple’s new digitize-your-face Memoji feature, included in iOS 12, announced in June 2018. Memoji is derived from the Animoji feature, but instead of using a non-human avatar, it lets you scan and put in your own face.  –

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