Over 3.4 billion people actively use social media – report

Kyle Chua
Over 3.4 billion people actively use social media – report
Around 320 million people signed up for social media since September last year which accounted for a 10% growth in users

MANILA, Philippines – There are now approximately 3.4 billion people who are now on social media, according to the latest Global Digital Statshot report from Hootsuite and We Are Social, released on October 17

This means 44% of the world’s population are now on social media. The number of social media users grew a whopping 10% since September 2017 with over 320 million new sign ups.

The study previously reported the Philippines had around 67 million social media users in January of this year.

While the it was not indicated how many of the 320 million new users are from the Philippines, the number of active social media users in the country will have likely also increased since the January report.

Despite controversial scandals, Facebook remains popular as it is the the social media platform with the most active users. Because of this, the platform has a large audience for ads.

The Philippines ranks 6th among countries that have potential reach of Facebook ads with 73,000,000 users.

Facebook, however, is losing its younger audience with over 3 million fewer 13 to 17-year olds since July 2018. This seems to confirm reports that teens prefer other social media platforms such as Snapchat and the Facebook-owned Instagram.

Twitter appears to be popular among Filipinos too as it ranks 13th among countries that have the largest ad audience with an estimated 4.9 million users.

The Philippines also ranks 18th among countries with the greatest number of registered LinkedIn users at 6.7 million.

Snapchat, meanwhile, is not as popular to Filipinos as the 3 other social media platforms previously mentioned since the Philippines did not make the top 20 countries with the highest number of users.

Outside of social media, Filipinos seem to have adapted to the use of voice-controlled functionality as the report finds that roughly 38% of the country’s internet users use the technology. – Rappler.com

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