Test how well you can imitate emojis with new Microsoft app

Kyle Chua
Test how well you can imitate emojis with new Microsoft app
How good are you at contorting your face?

MANILA, Philippines – Microsoft has launched a new app for Windows that uses machine learning artificial intelligence (AI) to see how well you can imitate emojis.

The app called Emoji8 lets you make faces in front your webcam to recreate the facial
expressions of randomly selected emojis.

It analyzes the video feed through what it calls the FER+ Emotion Recognition model, an artificial intelligence-powered computer system trained to recognize facial emotions. You’re then given a score for how accurately your face matched the emoji.

The app also gives you the option to Tweet a gif of your highest scoring attempt.

The company has also uploaded the app’s code on GitHub for developers to use. On the Windows blog, the company also mentions making “machine learning fun and approachable for non-tech-savvy friends and family.” In 2015, the company launched HowOld.net – a site that lets you upload photos so that it can guess your age – to demonstrate their machine learning abilities too. 

Emoji8 is now available for free in the Microsoft Store. The app is also covered by Microsoft’s privacy policy, which you can read here – Rappler.com

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