How to check how long you’ve been spending on Facebook’s app

Kyle Chua
How to check how long you’ve been spending on Facebook’s app
Here’s how you can access the new feature that lets you track the time you spend on the social network

MANILA, Philippines – Facebook last August announced plans for a feature called “Your Time on Facebook” that lets you check how much time you spend on the platform.

As of Tuesday, November 20, Facebook has apparently begun rolling the feature out around the world, according to Wired.

You can check for yourself the next time you open your Facebook app. Click on Settings and Privacy then scroll down to Your Time on Facebook.

Facebook will show you a chart that contains your usage statistics broken down in minutes, hours, and average time spent each day.

You can also set a daily time limit for yourself when you click on Set Daily Reminder. This tells the app to inform you when you’ve reached your personal defined limit for Facebook use for the day.

The feature, however, is still quite limited. For one, it does not track desktop usage.

It also does not measure the amount of time spent across multiple devices. This means the statistics that you will see are only for your usage of the Facebook mobile app.

“As we continue to work on these important tools, we hope to add measure for the desktop/world wide web,” a Facebook spokesperson told WIRED in an email.

You can access similar features on Instagram when you go to Your Activity under Settings. –

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