Philippine Pro Gaming League returns with P1.3 million prize pool
Philippine Pro Gaming League returns with P1.3 million prize pool
'League of Legends,' 'Tekken 7,' 'Rules of Survival,' and 'Arena of Valor' are the tourney games


MANILA, Philippines  Local amateur gamers who like competing for prizes and gaming glory have something to look forward to as the Philippine Pro Gaming League (PPGL) returns, bearing with it a P1.3-million prize pool.

Last year, the prize pool was P800,000 but it only had 3 games: Dota 2Tekken 7, and Arena of Valor.

This year, 4 games are splitting the prize pool: League of Legends (LOL), esport tournament regular Tekken 7, battle royale title Rules of Survival (ROS), and mobile online battle arena Arena of Valor (AOV)

LOL and AOV will have the highest cash prizes, with the winning team for each game taking home P200,000. ROS has a top prize of P160,000 while Tekken 7 offers P90,000. LOL and AOV, however, are team games featuring 5-man teams, meaning the P200,000 prize will be split accordingly. ROS and Tekken 7 will likely award the prize to one individual as the organizers have not hinted at any-team based setup for the 2 games. 

Here’s a chart of the prizes:

Qualifiers for Rules of Survival and Tekken 7 began on Saturday, February 2. Qualifiers for LOL begin on February 17, and March 8 for AOV.

Here’s the full schedule:

League of Legends

Qualifier 1: February 17
Qualifier 2: February 23
Qualifier 3: February 24
Qualifier 4: March 2
Group Stage A: March 9-10
Group Stage B: March 16-17
Grand Finals: April 6-7

Arena of Valor  

Qualifier 1: March 8
Qualifier 2: March 15  
Group Stage A: March 23  
Group Stage B: March 24  
Grand Finals: April 6-7

Rules of Survival  

Qualifier 1: February 2  
Qualifier 2: February 9  
Grand Finals: February 16

Tekken 7  

Cagayan de Oro Qualifier: February 2  
Cebu Qualifier: February 16  
Manila Qualifier: March 3  
Grand Finals: April 6-7

The games will be broadcast in Filipino on the official PPGL Facebook page and in English on the PPGL Twitch channel. The ROS legs will be exclusive to Facebook Live only.

The tournament is organized by MET Events, formerly Mineski Events Team, and Globe Telecom. It is open to amateurs from the Philippines. Click here to go to the official site.