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Ad-free news startup Scroll launches

Victor Barreiro Jr.
Ad-free news startup Scroll launches
Scroll provides an ad-free reading experience – and some additional perks – for visitors to its its partnered news websites for a $5 monthly subscription

MANILA, Philippines – News startup Scroll announced on Tuesday, January 28, it had formally launched following a year-long beta testing phase. The public can now sign up and subscribe to a service that directly supports news organizations while reducing the friction that comes with loading a webpage and dealing with advertisements on news websites.

As a service, Scroll provides an ad-free reading experience on its partnered news websites for a $5 monthly subscription.

This lets subscribers get perks on more than 300 sites – from USA Today, The Atlantic, and Business Insider to sites on the Fusion Media Group, G/O Media, and Vox Media stables – in addition to the aforementioned ad-free setup while supporting the news sites they read the most.

As the company points out, “Scroll isn’t a browser extension and you don’t just get the Scroll experience in our app. Scroll integrates directly into sites so that they can always recognize you and deliver a Scroll-enabled experience. Once you’re logged in to Scroll in a browser, you’ll automatically get the experience of a better internet” – an experience the company touts as being faster-loading due to the lack of ads and trackers.

For those who want to listen to their news, Scroll also provides audio recordings for the news articles you read. Scroll-friendly news websites will allow users to easily switch from reading on your computer or phone, to listening to that same article when they feel like it.

Meanwhile, the $5 subscription gets divided based on which news organizations you read the most of. The more often you visit a particular Scroll-supported site the more of your subscription it gets. Users can sign up for a 30-day trial of the service today. –

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