‘Coronavirus panic is dumb’ – Elon Musk
‘Coronavirus panic is dumb’ – Elon Musk
'Do you know what [it] is like to struggle to breathe? I do. It is horrifying,' a user replies

MANILA, Philippines – Tesla CEO Elon Musk strikes again with an eyebrow-raising tweet, this time in relation to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic. 

He said: 


The ploy, if it had been to demand attention, worked. It reaped 1.7 million likes in the 4 days after the March 7 posting. 

As expected, the tweet drew sharp criticism, specifically of the tweet’s perceived insensitivity to those who have contracted it and high-risk candidates. 


Some perceived it as Elon being “edgy”:

Still, quite a few appear to empathize with the controversial tech executive.

Some took pleasure in reminding Musk of his older Twitter gaffes, specifically the one which led to a securities fraud case


Musk is a known stirrer of controversy on Twitter, and had been involved in another legal case when he called British diver Vernon Unsworth – one of the rescuers of the Thai boys football team that got trapped in a cave in 2018 –  a “pedo guy” on Twitter. 

Musk’s Tesla stores and factories in China were also earlier temporarily shuttered because of the virus. –

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