Twitter users get highlight reel videos

Twitter gets highlight reel videos for people to make and tweet

HIGHLIGHT REELS. Twitter and Vizify team up to make tweetable highlight reel videos. Screen shot from Twitter

MANILA, Philippines – Twitter users have a new toy they can put on their tweets, thanks to the efforts of the personal visualization teams at Vizify.

Twitter announced the release of what they’re calling #FollowMe, a highlight reel powered by Vizify that takes your best media, most popular tweets, and most engaged followers. The system combines them all with some usage statistics to provide a short, Twitter-friendly video, complete with music.

NBA superstars Kobe Bryant and Stephen Curry have already gotten themselves a highlight reel of their own.



Users who want to take advantage of the Vizify highlight reel can simply sign in to the Vizify video maker page, authorize access to your Twitter account, and then make a video for you. Users can edit some aspects of the video, such as the pictures that get shown and the music for the highlight reel, and the finished product can be added to one’s Twitter bio. –

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