Apple unveils the iPhone 5S
Apple reveals the iPhone 5S

IPHONE 5S. Apple announces its newest high-end phone. Available in silver, gold and space grey.

MANILA, Philippines (2ND UPDATE) – After unveiling the iPhone 5C, Apple revealed its second new design for the iPhone 5, called the iPhone 5S, at its Cupertino headquarters on September 10 (September 11, Philippine time).

The iPhone 5S will be made of high-grade aluminum, with edges that are diamond-cut and chamfered, much like the current iPhone 5. It will come in silver, gold, and space gray. It will sport a 4-inch multi-touch Retina display.

The iPhone 5S will take advantage of an A7 chip, with iOS 7 and apps retooled for a native 64-bit kernel, libraries, and drivers. Apple says the A7 chip in the iPhone 5S “will bring 64-bit desktop-class architecture to a smartphone for the first time.” 

The announcement states that it is also meant to be up to twice as fast and with twice the graphical performance as the previous generation.

It will also run Open GL/ES 3.0, which allows for handheld gaming. At the event, Epic Games demonstrated the next game in the Infinity Blade mobile game series, Infinity Blade III, to show off the gaming potential of the device. Infinity Blade III will be made available alongside the release of the 5S.

Also announced for the iPhone 5S is something called the M7 chip. This chip acts as a motion co-processor, aggregating and monitoring accelerometer, gyroscopic, and compass data and offloading it from the A7 chip. This enables better power efficiency, and is meant to provide a “whole new level” of fitness applications for the iPhone 5S, thanks to new developer CoreMotion APIs. The app that will take first take advantage of it is a Nike app, called the Nike Plus Move. 

NEW FEATURES. With improved camera functions, TouchID fingerprint sensor security, and iOS 7 behind it, Apple hopes to make the 5S a hit. Photo from Apple

The device is expected to have a battery life equal to or greater than the iPhone 5, with 10 hours of 3G talk time, 10 hours of LTE browsing, 10 hours of video, 40 hours of music playback, or the equivalent of 250 hours of standby time. 

The iPhone 5S will also take advantage of better camera technologies to provide better images. Bigger pixels will capture more light, and a 5-element, Apple-designed lens with a f/2.2 aperture and 15 percent larger sensor will let you take better shots. 

The 8-megapixel iSight camera is also enhanced, with the app automatically setting white balance and exposure on startup. True Tone Flash will enable the camera to analyze a situation and provide the appropriate color temperature for flashes. 

Also announced for the iPhone 5S Camera app in iOS 7 were automatic image and stabilization, a burst mode for rapid-fire shooting, a camera roll that picks the best shots for you, and slow-motion video functions with 120 fps, among others.

There will also be a new FaceTime HD camera for better low-light performance, with support for audio-only FaceTime calls on iOS 7.

The iPhone 5S will also have a feature known as TouchID. It’s basically a fingerprint sensor for added security on your device. The TouchID sensor is capacitive, measuring 170 microns thin. It has a 500ppi resolution, can scan in 360 degrees, and can learn multiple fingers.

APPLE'S TOUCHID. Apple Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller taks about Touch ID - a security feature of the new iPhone 5S. Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images/AFP

The TouchID can be used to make iTunes purchases, and is located conveniently on the Home Button. The fingerprint information is stored in a subsection of the A7 chip.

The iPhone 5S is priced on contract at 16GB for $199, 32GB for $299 and 64GB for $399. Leather cases are available for $39 each. The iPhone 5S is slated to launch in the US, China, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Singapore, Japan, and United Kingdom on September 20. It is expected that the iPhone 5S will be available by December 2013 in 100 countries and over 270 carriers. has updated its website with an iPhone 5S technical page, which you can visit for in-depth specifications, as well as a list of built-in applications. –

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