Android Lollipop on 1.6% of devices in just 3 months

Victor Barreiro Jr.
Android Lollipop on 1.6% of devices in just 3 months
While Android Kitkat and Jelly Bean still lead the pack, the adoption rate of Android Lollipop has finally become significant enough for Google to add it to its charts

MANILA, Philippines – Google released its latest distribution numbers for the different versions of the Android operating system on Monday, February 2, and noted that Android Lollipop (5.0) reached a large enough user base to register on the charts. 

Lollipop reached a total of 1.6% of devices, based on data collected during a 7-day period ending February 2. Comparatively, the oldest version of Android that still manages to stay on the charts above 0.1% threshold is the Froyo (2.2), with 0.4% of devices running that version.

The report also noted that while Android Jelly Bean (4.1.x, 4.2.x, and 4.3) holds a collective 44.5% of the pie, Android Kitkat (4.4) carries 39.7% of the bulk of handsets running Android.

For Android users, this means that while most of them aren’t using the latest version of the OS, most of them can still get most of the apps that were once built straight into Android, such as Google’s Gmail, Maps, and the like.

Those on Jelly Bean and Kitkat may not get the operating system changes, system tweaks, and battery consumption improvements, but they’ll still enjoy the Android operating system and its associated apps without having to do anything on their part. –

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