Facebook clarifies guidelines on nudity, violence

Victor Barreiro Jr.
Facebook clarifies guidelines on nudity, violence
No nipples or full buttocks – while Facebook's policies and standards 'are not changing,' examples of what's okay to post and what isn't are provided

MANILA, Philippines – Facebook announced Sunday, March 15, a number of updates to its community standards page, outlining why certain types of nudity, graphic images, and discussions are banned from the service.

In a blogpost, Facebook explained that its community standards were updated to add more detail and clarify what’s allowed for sharing on the social network.

They’re now broken into 4 sections, categorized as follows:

  • Helping to keep you safe
  • Encouraging respectful behavior
  • Keeping your account and personal information secure
  • Protecting your intellectual property

While Facebook’s policies and standards “are not changing,” the update provides examples to give a clearer picture of what’s okay and what isn’t.

In the case of nudity, for example, Facebook’s stance allows photos of women “actively engaged in breastfeeding, or post-surgery breast photos,” as well as photos of paintings and sculptures depicting nude figures.

Not allowed, however, are “displaying genitals or focusing in on fully exposed buttocks. We also restrict some images of female breasts if they include the nipple.”

The update also adds clarifications and examples for content that could fall under the bullying and harassment guidelines. For instance, “naming and shaming private individuals” or “sharing personal information to blackmail or harass people” falls under the type of content they’ll be enforcing.

The updated community standards page also adds explanations of what does and doesn’t constitute hate speech and violent, graphic content. It adds enough explanation to differentiate between “matters and people of public interest” as opposed to private individuals. – Rappler.com

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