8chan offline again after host loses access to rented servers

MANILA, Philippines – After being kicked out by its previous host CloudFlare, 8chan appears to be offline again. Its new host, Epik, is cut off by infrastructure-as-a-service provider Voxility.

8chan has been touted online as an internet hate forum, and has been linked to the racist screeds of at least 3 mass shooters – at Christchurch in New Zealand, at the Chabad of Poway Synagogue in California, and at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas. (READ: Police investigating Texas shooting as possible hate crime – chief)

Following the El Paso shooting, web network and security provider CloudFlare said it was terminating its services for 8Chan

8chan administrator Ron Watkins then announced it was linking up with BitMitigate, which is owned by Epik. (READ: American living in PH owns 8chan, which is linked to El Paso shooting)

Expect some minutes of downtime in the coming hour as we switch over to @bitmitigate. — Ron (@CodeMonkeyZ) August 5, 2019


Stanford researcher Alex Stamos found out, however, that Epik were actually renting servers from another company, Voxility.

In case you were wondering, it looks like the new host of 8chan and Daily Stormer will effectively be @voxility. It looks like Epik/Bitmitigate owns very little of their own hardware and instead rents Voxility's servers and AS. https://t.co/K3NXyVYcUT https://t.co/zC0csJpQZp pic.twitter.com/pml4bL0kUU — Alex Stamos (@alexstamos) August 5, 2019


After Stamos pointed this out, Voxility cut ties with Epik, taking down 8chan as well as a neo-nazi website taken care of by Epik, The Daily Stormer.

We are all in the same team here! Thank you for the support and for the notes. The 3rd party hoster is blocked completely. — Voxility (@voxility) August 5, 2019


In a report on The Verge, Epik did not return a request for comment, and did not disclose how much of its work was dependent on Voxility.

As such, 8chan may return eventually if Epik can sort itself out or if 8chan finds another host that supports an absolutist view of free speech. – Rappler.com 

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