Alodia Gosiengfiao on discrimination vs female gamers: ‘Passion, not gender’

MANILA, Philippines – Has one of the most prominent female gamers in the country ever experienced discrimination in the gaming community? 

Philippine cosplay queen and gamer Alodia Giosiengfiao said that she has.

In an interview with the media on November 7 at the Cool Japan Festival 2015, Alodia shared how female gamers are labeled as "fake gamers" or "hindi magaling (not good)."

“I’ve been gaming even before Cosplay...and ma-fi-feel mo talaga na (and you will really feel that)boys pa rin ang nangunguna (are ahead) in gaming. And when they see a girl, it’s either ‘di ka magaling (you're not good), or you’re a fake gamer – they call you that sometimes,” she said.

Alodia shared that she wanted to prove that what really matters is one’s passion for gaming, and not their gender.

“Times are changing. There are girls who really can play,” said Alodia. “I have friends who play Dota… and they carry the team! It’s amazing how they break the stereotypes.”

"What I really wanted to show is that it’s not really about gender;it’s your passion for gaming. That’s why sometimes ‘di  ko pinapa-alam na babae ako (I don't let them know I'm a girl) and just beat them in the game," she added.

As a gamer, own game, plans

As a gamer, Alodia said that she used to play video games a lot more when she was young and had more free time. Now, she plays when she wants to relax and play with friends while abroad.

She also revealed that she and boyfriend Eric Ejercito enjoy playing the video game Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) together.  She recommends it for other gaming couples because it allows you to "play as a team."

Alodia also said that a mobile game of her own is in the works. According to her, partners from Silicon Valley are developing the game and may release it by next year.

When asked about the games she's looking forward to play during the holidays, she said she wants to try out new games other than Dota like League of Legends and Amnesia, a survival horror video game.

Alodia says one of her upcoming projects is her first Japanese movie, Crossroads, that has already premiered in Japan and will be launched this month. The movie will "show the good relationship between Japan and the Philippines," she said.

Cool Japan Festival 2015 is an event that celebrates Japanese culture and features Japanese girl group AKB48 and Alodia Gosiengfiao as the main performers.

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