Apple developing AR, VR capable headset – report

MANILA, Philippines – Apple is working on a headset that combines both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies, powered by the company’s own custom processor, according to a report from CNET.

The headset, codenamed T288, has plans to include 8K display in each eye – higher resolutions than the best TVs and VR headsets currently out on the market. It would connect to a dedicated box via a high-speed, short range wireless tech called 60GHz WiGig. This could solve the problem of VR headsets having too many wires.

In the box is Apple’s own 5-nanometer chip, said to be more powerful than anything currently in the market, that powers the entire setup. To put in perspective the chip’s small size, the iPhone X is powered by a 10-nanometer processor. CNET notes that when it comes to chips, the smaller the number, the faster it is.

It would also come with built-in cameras equipped with spatial awareness tech out of the box.

The headset is reportedly in development and in its current state, the box it connects to resembles a standard PC chassis unit but is not an actual Mac computer. It is expected to arrive in 2020 given that Apple does not change or scrap plans.

The Cupertino California-based company has always taken the backseat with VR. What’s more is that Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, sees bigger possibilities in AR, where digital images are overlaid on the real world, rather than VR. By combining the two technologies and introducing brand new hardware, Apple hopes to solve some of VR’s current problems and expand their line of products outside of their top-selling iPhones. –