Next iPhone to have 'Pro' version, shatter-proof body

MANILA, Philippines – Apple is once again expected to unveil 3 new iPhone models at its annual launch event this September. This year, however, the company is debuting a new moniker to help define their flagship line of smartphones. 

According to a report from Bloomberg, 2 out of the 3 models are going to have “Pro” in its name. These are said to be the successors of the iPhone XS and XS Max. 

The two “Pro” iPhones will feature a new rear camera system, highlighted by the third sensor, which can capture ultra-wide angle photos and videos. The sensors can reportedly capture 3 images simultaneously and combine them together with the help of artificial intelligence. 

They also work better in low light situations and can take high-resolution photos that reportedly rivals that of traditional cameras.

Meanwhile, Apple’s follow-up to the iPhone XR will feature a second rear camera with enhanced portrait mode. 

The new iPhones will not look all that different from the previous two generations. But the “Pro” models will feature a matte finish that is made out of “shatter-resistant” glass, allowing it to hold up better when dropped. 

The report adds that the iPhones will also tout a new multi-angle Face ID sensor, improved water-resistance, faster processors, and a reverse wireless charging system. 

Apple is also expected to unveil new models of the Apple Watch, iPad, Macbook, and Airpods at the event. –