iPhone XS, XS Max owners report charging problems

MANILA, Philippines - A number of iPhone XS and XS Max owners have recently taken to the web to report that their models are not charging when plugged in, according to MacRumors.  

“I connect the lightning cable to my phone to charge and most of the time it automatically charges. However I’ve noticed several times plugging the phone in and no charge comes up,” one user posted in the Apple Communities forum.

The issue seems to occur when the phone is plugged in for charging while it is in sleep mode or when the screen is off.

In most cases, waking the phone by tapping the screen solves the issue. Some users, however, said that they had to both wake the phone and disconnect and reconnect the Lightning cable to get it to work.

The post, meanwhile, has received more than a dozen replies from people who also experienced the problem.

Lewis Hilsenteger, who runs the YouTube channel Unbox Therapy, tested four iPhone XS and XS Max models for the issue by charging them in their locked state. In his video, three out of four XS Max models and two out of four XS models appear to suffer from the issue.

One of the iPhone XS Max models in the video even freezes completely and refuses to wake up when plugged in.

It’s not entirely clear what causes the issue. Some users have suggested that it’s a software-related bug that can be easily patched with an iOS update but Apple has yet to acknowledge the issue. – Rappler.com