LOOK: Chinese diplomat tweets Huawei has ‘cut APPLE into pieces’ using an iPhone

MANILA, Philippines – No one at Huawei is laughing right now at the US’ ongoing offensive against them, which has found itself being banned from importing US technology amid a nasty trade war between US and China.

One Chinese diplomat, however, has found the time to make light of the situation at the expense of US tech giant Apple, implying that Huawei’s been so dominant that it “has cut APPLE into pieces…” forcing the US government to step in. The post shows the photo of a real apple cut into several slices to make it appear like the Huawei logo.

It’s clever but unfortunately, the diplomat made one crucial mistake: the said tweet was posted using the product of the company being made fun of: the iPhone.

With the gaffe, Lijian Zhao – the Deputy Chief of Mission at the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan according to Pakistan news website The News – joins many others who’ve been caught using an iPhone at the worst time.

Recently, PLDT boss Manny Pangilinan tweeted that he was currently using a Huawei 5G phone yet the post showed he used an iPhone.

Other similar tweets posted using an iPhone include US President Trump tweeting that he sticks to using government phones; Samsung promoting the Galaxy Note 9; and Huawei itself greeting everyone on New Year. 

Earlier this month, Huawei has shown great momentum, posting solid growth in smartphone shipments while most of the market and the players dipped, including Samsung and Apple. 

After the US rulings, observers will be paying close attention to see how Huawei adjusts as it attempts to create its own OS, app ecosystem, and build trust with consumers outside China – and how these hurdles will affect its standing in the global smartphone race. The Chinese have been naturally supportive of the brand, with some calling for a boycott of Apple– Rappler.com