DZMM website defaced, database possibly leaked

MANILA, Philippines – The website of local radio station dzMM was defaced and its database possibly leaked on Monday, April 18, by hackers claiming to be from Bloodsec International and Anonymous Philippines. 

A Facebook post on the Anonymous Philippines page, dated 8:47 pm, acknowledged the website defacement. Meanwhile, Bloodsec posted a link to what they claim is the leaked database of dzMM.

During the defacement, the dzMM website showed a black background with animated embers jumping upwards on the screen. 

Along with the attribution to Bloodsec International and Anonymous Philippines is a quote from Martin Luther King Jr.

It reads, "Our minds are constantly being invaded by legions of half-truths, prejudices, and false facts. One of the great needs of mankind is to be lifted above the morass of false propaganda."

The quote's context appears to stem from one of 10 documents intended to be part of a book of collected sermons, called "Strength to Love." The above is an excerpt against the undue gullibility of people to "accept the printed word of the press as final truth." 

The website was restored by 9:45 pm, but reverted back to the defaced site as of 9:57 pm. –

Victor Barreiro Jr.

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