Android creator Andy Rubin teases a new, odd mobile device on Twitter

MANILA, Philippines – Andy Rubin and Essential showed off a new mobile device they called Project GEM on Twitter Wednesday, October 9. 

After being relatively silent on Twitter following sexual harassment accusations coming to light that allegedly caused his departure from Google, Rubin teased Project GEM with a thread of tweets showing photos and video of the device. 

GEM Colorshift material — Andy Rubin (@Arubin) October 8, 2019


New UI for radically different formfactor — Andy Rubin (@Arubin) October 8, 2019

Not much is known about it yet, but its back panel shifts its colors and the device has a unique UI to fit its notably atypical screen.

Essential’s Twitter account later confirmed the product was a new project for the company and that it is “now in early testing with our team outside the lab.”

The gadget, which neither Rubin nor Essential called a phone, would be the second piece of hardware Rubin developed since leaving Google. The first Essential phone was launched in 2017 and while it garnered a lot of buzz, it failed in the market, and its supposed successor was never launched.

We've been working on a new device to reframe your perspective on mobile. It's now in early testing with our team outside the lab. Look forward to sharing more in the near future! #ProjectGEM — Essential (@essential) October 9, 2019


No word yet on when exactly can the public expect more news about Project GEM. However, Essential’s tweet ends with a promise to share more in the near future. –