Facebook unveils interactive game show tools for video

MANILA, Philippines - Facebook could soon be reinventing the traditional game show format. The social media giant on Tuesday, June 19, US time, announced that they are adding new tools to their video platform to make it more interactive and engaging to viewers.

Video creators can soon turn their live and on-demand videos to game shows by adding trivia quizzes, polls, and challenges. Viewers can participate by selecting the right answer to avoid being kicked off the stream.

Facebook designed what they’re calling gamification to promote a healthier active video consumption.

The features are launching with a handful of partners which include "What's in The Box" by Fresno, where viewers guess the contents of a closed box; "Outside Your Bubble" by BuzzFeed News; where contestants have to guess what their opponents are thinking, "Confetti" by INSIDER, where people answer pop-culture trivia questions.

In the coming weeks, video creators such as Brent Rivera and That Chick Angel are going to start incorporating gamification in their videos.

Similar to the traditional game show format, shows can put prize money up for grabs. This leads some people to wonder if Facebook was inspired by HQ Trivia, a mobile app that let users win money by answering trivia questions or Paydro Live in the Philippines. Facebook reportedly dodged questions when TechCrunch brought this comparison up.

“I think they’re part of a much broader trend that is making content interactive. We’ve seen that across much more than one player,” Fidji Simo, Facebook VP of video product said.

Other features rolled out include subscription options that give viewers access to exclusive content and a Brand Collabs Manager that helps brands partner with creators. TechCrunch reports that Facebook currently claims they would not be taking a cut from these features but that doesn’t mean they never will. – Rappler.com