Fandom to buy Curse Media from Twitch

MANILA, Philippines – Wiki site Fandom has bought competitor Curse Media from Twitch, Fandom announced Wednesday, December 12.

In a statement from product marketing manager Brandon Rhea, Fandom said "joining forces" with Curse Media would allow the company to "expand our resources and provide better support to our communities."

Curse Media's stable of websites include Gamepedia, D&D Beyond, Futhead, and Muthead.

A lack of safe refuge

The team-up may leave some wiki operators out in the cold, however.

Curse's Gamepedia, the direct competitor to the wikis of the Fandom network, appeared to be a refuge for wiki operators annoyed with autoplaying ads from Fandom, despite Gamepedia also providing autoplaying, yet silent, Twitch streams on Gamepedia wiki pages.

Rhea said the company would be "purposeful and thorough in making decisions on how Fandom and Gamepedia in particular will align in the coming months."

While the company says "there will be no immediate impact to your user experience on either site," the combination of both sites under one banner leaves wiki operators with little choice but to either endure the practices of Fandom, create a new space for themselves online, or abandon wiki management altogether.

Twitch, which operated Curse Media for around two years, said in a statement to Kotaku, "We’ve signed an agreement for Fandom to acquire Curse Media and make it part of their offering to gamer communities... Twitch will continue to focus on our priorities supporting streamers’ ability to earn a living educating and entertaining fans."

The Fandom-Curse deal is expected to be finalized in early 2019. –