PlayStation VR preview: Taking gameplay to new heights
PlayStation VR preview: Taking gameplay to new heights
Aside from giving players a new way of moving around and shooting your enemies, the PlayStation VR lets you experience spatial awareness that’s not normally available in video games

Imagine you’re a giant monster trying to dodge incoming projectiles being thrown your way by Earth’s defenders. 

Or you’re a cat trying to get rid of sneaky mice trying to steal the cheese in the kitchen. 

Or a mech pilot trying to outmaneuver and destroy your opponents.

CAT VS MOUSE. Image from Sony.

Formerly called Project Morpheus, the PlayStation VR prototype showcased at the 2015 Tokyo Game Show allowed gamers to take a sneak peek at the future of gaming. (WATCH: Our First Look at the PlayStation VR)

The PlayStation VR headset may still look a little bulky, but it’s surprisingly light when worn. An adjustable strap lets the user have a snug fit. 

Once it’s turned on, not only does it let you take a 360 degree view of the game, but you can also look left, right, up, down, or any direction you like. Just spending a few minutes inside the virtual game world will make you forget you’re even wearing the PlayStation VR headset.

The virtual reality games put on demo at the 2015 TGS ranged from the very simple and family-friendly like the Playroom VR games where you just literally move your head to execute actions to the fast-paced, multiplayer first-person shooter games like RIGS.

PLAYROOM VR: ROBOTS. Image from Sony

In RIGS, you play a mech pilot taking part in an action-packed game that’s a cross between a first-person shooter and basketball.

You use the PlayStation DualShock controller’s left analog stick to move around while the right analog stick let’s you move the torso. Moving your head let’s you aim your weapons.

But more than just giving you a new way of moving around and shooting your enemies, the PlayStation VR lets you experience spatial awareness that’s never been available before in video games. 

Jumping off a ramp or falling through a hoop makes you feel like you’re really falling. This extraordinary sense of height will literally make you hold your breath and make your stomach turn. 

With that said, the fast pace of the game can induce dizziness. During the demo at the 2015 TGS, players were advised to immediately call the game-minders’ attention in case they get lightheaded. And indeed, a couple of players complained that the gameplay made them dizzy.

Although still in development, the PlayStation VR promises a future of gaming that’s never been experienced before. We’ll just have to wait a bit more before we’re able to get our hands, er, our heads in it. –

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