[E3 2017] Video Tour: PlayStation’s E3 showcase

Gelo Gonzales
[E3 2017] Video Tour: PlayStation’s E3 showcase
A huge Spider-man on a helicopter statue, triple-A game developers roaming the floor, Gran Turismo racing pods – here's everything we saw at Sony's booth

LOS ANGELES, USA – Spider-man, sentient androids from Detroit: Become Human, the postapocalyptic wastelands of Days Gone, Uncharted heroines, God Of War’s Kratos, Ratchet from classic PS2 platformer Ratchet & Clank, racing pods from Gran Turismo: Sport – these were some of the sights we saw at Sony’s E3 2017 showcase. (Read: Q&A: Sony chief on Crash Bandicoot, his favorite game, and VR

Sony appeared to have the biggest showfloor area in all of E3, divided like mini-city blocks. One area was dedicated to the PSVR, arranged like a shooting gallery, with each row featuring one PSVR title. Next to it was the Gran Turismo: Sport area, which had rows of shiny racing pods, where gamers lined up to test the newest in the racing series.

Play areas were also set up for games such as the mutiplayer shooter Star Wars Battlefront 2, quirky platforming sequel Knack 2, exclusive PS4 side-scrolling shooter Matterfall, and Sony’s hot new intellectual property (IP), Detroit: Become Human.

On the far opposite side of the Gran Turismo and PSVR area were a row of huge, elaborate installations reserved for Sony’s upcoming heavy-hitters. These were Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, the new PS4 Spider-man game, Days Gone, and Detroit: Become Human.

The Spider-man booth had our senses tingling with a massive statue of Spider-man riding a helicopter. Huge statues were a highlight at E3, which really instilled a sense of awe not just with their size but also with the level of detail and craftsmanship that went into them. They were iincredible to see up close.

People lined up not just to have photos taken with the installations, but also to see exclusive new gameplay, trailers, and demonstrations. The Spider-man and Detroit: Become Human booths hosted such events for the attendees, with people lining up as if they were lining up for a movie. 

FACE-OFF. Kratos and Spider-man appear to face off in this photo taken at the PlayStation booth at E3 2017. Photo by Gelo Gonzales/Rappler

Sometimes, you also get to brush shoulders with the actual developers of the games. In our video walkthrough above, we chanced upon Guillaume de Fondaumiere, the CEO and executive producer of Quantic Dream, who told us why they chose Detroit as the backdrop for the game and whether RoboCop – which was set in Detroit as well – had any influence on the decision to set the game in Detroit.

Quantic Dream is the studio responsible for Detroit: Become Human and interactive PS3 dramas Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls

Several VIP areas were also set up at Sony’s E3 showcase, which were inaccessible to most of the crowd. One such area had Sony Worldwide Studios chief Shuhei Yoshida conducting an interview, which we saw during our time at the Sony booth. This is part of the fun at E3: you not only get to see an amazing gathering of gamers, if you’re lucky, you might just come across some of your favorite developers.

MASCOTS. PlayStation characters pose with an attendee at the PlayStation booth, located at the E3's West Hall. Photo by Gelo Gonzales/Rappler

If you’re not a gamer, imagine being a film fan, and once a year, you get to join an event where you just might come across Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino or other big directors, or maybe a big actor. At E3 alone, we saw Danny Trejo of Machete fame, lining up for the game Project Cars 2, and NBA player Dante Exum. – Rappler.com

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