SciTech wRap for January 20, 2018
SciTech wRap for January 20, 2018
Here's a roundup of our favorite science and technology stories for this week!

Welcome to another installment of the SciTech wRap, your weekly roundup of big science and technology articles for the past week.

Fans of eSports will likely have mixed feelings about the new Games and Amusements Board (GAB) rulings requiring eSports players to submit to the same type of testing as professional athletes in order to secure athletic visas and compete internationally.

Meanwhile, cryptocurrency speculators are unlikely to be in a good mood this week, seeing as the fortunes of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have shifted.

Here’s your weekly dose of science and technology news!

Conflict in eSports community as new GAB rules cause concern internationally

The Philippine Games and Amusements Board’s (GAB) new rules regarding eSports is causing concern among gamers and organizers of eSports tournaments in the country.

The new rules require drug tests to be undertaken to acquire athlete’s visas to compete in tournaments, as well as rules for professional licenses for players in official GAB events.

Galaxy Battles II is ongoing!

Speaking of eSports tournaments, the Galaxy Battles 2 Dota 2 tournament continues into the weekend, with local Dota 2 team TNC surviving to fight another day after defeating Infamous in their first round match at the tournament. 

Expect more fun across Saturday and Sunday as day one provided a showmatch between powerhouse rivals TNC and OG, with them picking up new players straight from the crowds as part of the showmatch engagement rules. 

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies crash

The value of bitcoin and numerous other crytocurrencies sank to varying degrees this week. Bitcoin, for one, is working on regaining lost ground, as it dove to sub-$10,000 numbers (and is at around $11,500 or so as of writing) from a high of over $19,000 the month previous. 

Some are banking on an eventual rebound and seeing this as a seasonal sort of swing, while others are wondering if this is the crash of the cryptocoin.

Australia’s lifesaving drones make their first rescue

Australia is leading the use of the technology in surf lifesaving, with drones being tested on beaches around the country for a variety of purposes.

In one instance, one of these aerial lifesaver drones was dispatched to rescue two boys caught in deep swells while swimming in New South Wales, helping to get the kids back to safety by dropping a flotation device at their location.

United Nations: The last 3 years were the hottest on record

Consolidated data from 5 leading international weather agencies shows that “2015, 2016 and 2017 have been confirmed as the 3 warmest years on record,” the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said.

The 21st century has so far been a period of the hottest weather, accounting for 17 of the 18 warmest years on record.

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