Milestones: Apple’s road to being a trillion-dollar enterprise

Agence France-Presse
Milestones: Apple’s road to being a trillion-dollar enterprise
Nearing bankruptcy in 1997, Microsoft lends Apple a helping hand in the form of a $150M cash injection. About 21 years later, Apple becomes the first trillion-dollar company, surpassing its benefactor

SAN FRANCISCO, USA – Launched on a shoestring budget in a Silicon Valley garage more than four decades ago, Apple survived a near-miss with bankruptcy before soaring to a trillion-dollar market value on Thursday.

The California-based company born of a friendship between Steve Wozniak and the late Steve Jobs is credited with giving rise to smartphone lifestyles and “apps” for nearly everything.

Here are some of the milestones in Apple’s history:

April 1976: Jobs, Wozniak and Ronald Wayne create Apple Computer to sell an eponymous computer hand-built by Wozniak. The company is incorporated the following year.

January 1984: Apple heralds the arrival of its first Macintosh computer with a “1984” television commercial directed by Ridley Scott portraying a bold blow struck against an Orwellian computer culture.

September 1985: Jobs leaves Apple after a power struggle with chief executive John Sculley. Wozniak also departs.

1990s: Competitive pressure from lower-priced personal computers from Microsoft running on Windows software, and some failed products, puts a financial squeeze on Apple, which cuts staff and changes top executives.

September 1997: Jobs returns as chief executive as the company teeters near bankruptcy. Microsoft helps Apple survive with a $150 million investment.

August 1998: Apple releases the all-in-one iMac computer.

October 2001: Apple unveils the iPod and opens its first real-world shops.

April 2003: Apple opens its online iTunes store for digital content, pricing music at 99 US cents per song for iPods.

June 2007: Apple unveils the iPhone.

July 2008: Apple launches the online App Store to sell applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch. 

January 2010: Apple introduces the iPad.

October 2011: Jobs, 56, dies after battling pancreatic cancer, having turned over command of Apple to Tim Cook earlier in the year.

September 2014: Apple introduces the Apple Watch.

June 2015: Apple Music streaming service launches including internet radio from Beats, a startup Apple bought the prior year in a deal valued at $3 billion.

January 2016: Apple announces that more than a billion of its devices are in use around the world.

August 2018: Apple surpasses $1 trillion in stock market value. –