Here’s how Google’s Pixel 3 phones are shaping up
Here’s how Google’s Pixel 3 phones are shaping up
Like many 2018 phones, the XL version of the Pixel 3 is expected to carry a notch

MANILA, Philippines – The final quarter of the year, as has been customary for a few years now, sees America’s tech titans Apple and Google try to outdo one another with their phones. (READ: Announcements at October 2018 ‘Made By Google’ event)

This year, we’re looking at 3 upgraded iPhones including a souped-up iPhone X, and Google’s Pixel 3 phones. We’re focusing on the latter in this article. 

What new tricks could Google have under its sleeve for the fledgling brand? We round them up here – rumors, expectations and leaks. 

Notch choices

First off, like most 2018 phones, the Pixel phones will have a notch – the XL version at least. The regular 3 is expected to have a more traditional, notch-less screen.

Tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee notes that the 3XL’s notch is looking particularly “deep,” deeper than most notched units: 

Reddit leaks have also shown purported photos of the device.

Expected to be unveiled in October

Google has historically launched the 2 generations of the Pixel on this month – a month after Apple’s typical September iPhone announcements, and around the same time as Huawei’s Mate series. That’s another one to look out for in the final quarter, by the way. This year, it will be unveiled on October 9.

A cheaper Pixel

Google has traditionally released two Pixel variants: the regular and the plus-size XL version. This year, these two are expected to make a new-and-improved return, with the XL said to have a better screen than the regular version. More interestingly, a cheaper Pixel may be in the works, putting the number of new Pixel phones at 3 this year. Google is taking a page from Apple, which in the past has released a budget version alongside their standard lineup. Of course, the term “budget” is relative; it’s Apple after all. The budget Pixel 3 is rumored to ship with a mid-range Snapdragon 710 chip.

Rising price?

Prices for top-tier phones have risen as competition in the lower price rungs becomes more saturated with endless releases from budget models from China. The iPhone X and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 as well as Huawei’s P20 series and Oppo’s Find X saw their respective brands set new price records. The question is if Google will follow suit, which given the rising prices of flagships, will feel justified – Apple and Samsung and Oppo have already shocked the world. 

The Pixel phones have always started at $649. With a budget phone said to be in tow, Google wouldn’t be alienating the money-conscious. The budget option somewhat frees up Google to produce a more high-end phone with a higher price – although we wish the price stays the same. 

An extra camera arrives

There will allegedly be a dual camera set-up on the front, with one of the cameras on the front being a wide-angle one, used to capture more of the surrounding area or more people in a frame.

All the older Pixel phones only had a single-camera setup, front and back. As for specs, expected are a Snapdragon 845 chip, the current Qualcomm flagship, 4GB of RAM, and of course, Android Pie. Google will have to contend in other areas besides the chipset because brands like Xiaomi has pushed Snapdragon 845-equipped devices to a current record low of P17,990 with the Pocophone F1

The new Pixels may also be the first in its family to have wireless charging.

But of course, the most important question is this: Will Google release it in the Philippines? Google, as far as hardware is concerned, released their mesh Wifi devices earlier in the year. Perhaps it’s a sign of things to come?  –

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