5 tips to help you on the journey to professional YouTubing

Victor Barreiro Jr.
5 tips to help you on the journey to professional YouTubing
Here's a quick roundup of tips for getting off the ground when starting your own YouTube channel

MANILA, Philippines – Looking to make your mark as a content creator on YouTube? As the premier video platform online, there are many trying to make their mark on it.

At a talk on Friday, November 16, during the 2018 Social Media Week in Manila, Google Philippines country sales lead Jolly Estaris provided 5 tips to help fledgling content creators on their way to professional YouTubing. 

Here’s a quick roundup of those tips for those who want to learn more about getting into it.


Authenticity is at the heart of a strong YouTube career, as it takes a lot of work to grow a YouTube channel out of nothing.

While making a living out of YouTubing might be important, it shouldn’t hamper the enthusiasm you have for your subject matter.

“You need to be your authentic self, and you need to love genuinely what you do,” Estaris explained.

He also reminded prospective content creators, “You shouldn’t outright do it for the money.” 

GIVE THEM SOMETHING TO WATCH. Youtube viewers are looking for something to watch, and it's up to you to show what you can offer your audience. Screenshot from YouTube.

Define your content strategy

Second is defining the content strategy you have for your YouTube channel.

You first have to find “the intersection between your brand’s unique value proposition and your consumer’s key interests,” according to Estaris.

Your content then has to add value, which leads to creating content that fulfills the needs of your brand and connects with what people might be looking for as it relates to their interests and what’s important to them.

There are 3 ways in which content is generally structured as a result of this:

  1. You try to be the best answer to a given question 
  2. You create content for mass appeal
  3. You create content that interests the specific audience you want to have an impact on


Make sure your branding is on point.

This includes having a clear, concise channel trailer that provides information about what to expect from your channel, including things like how often new videos are there, and what type of content will be made available.

Also important is to keep the branding of the channel consistent across videos. Estaris showed this using simultaneous playback of 4 videos from the Versus channel being nearly identical in time and length of introductions.

Furthermore, a channel’s branding has to have a strong visual identity, with the YouTube channel’s masthead, logo, and standardized thumbnails representing the brand.


No matter how good the content, it won’t be of any use if it can’t be easily found online.

A couple of things to keep in mind to be more readily found on YouTube is to use relevant titles and descriptions ot the content, or otherwise make the titles searchable or intriguing for viewers.

Estaris also suggested adding shortened URLs to send users to more of your content if they’re interested in your videos. You should also ensure your tags are accurate and relevant to the video presented.

You can also entice users to check out more of your content or add end screens with links to more of your videos to further engage your viewers.

Keep on learning

The practice of becoming a master of video is a long one, and as such, Estaris also pushed budding YouTubers to study how YouTube works to better make YouTube work for them.

Youtube Creators Academy is Google’s site for learning more about YouTube. Aspiring pros, he explained, should take the lessons from the site to heart in their quest to become big on the platform. – Rappler.com


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