Grab launches 8 new app features

Aika Rey
Among the new features include saving places, rewards points for being canceled on by drivers, and many others

INTEGRATION. Grab Philippines President Brian Cu says their digital payment GrabPay will also be integrated in other services. Image from Shutterstock, Grab app screengrab

MANILA, Philippines – In a bid to be the “everyday app” of Filipinos, ride-sharing giant Grab Philippines beefed the app with new features.

On Wednesday night, January 30, Grab Philippines country head-turned-president Brian Cu announced 6 new features for transport services GrabCar and two for its delivery service GrabExpress. (READ: Ex-Uber U.S. exec now leads Grab transport team)

Cu said the Southeast Asia operations of Grab had reached a record of 3 billion rides on January 20 at 9:34 pm, with 61 concurrent trips in 6 countries.

The new features are now out on the app:


Cancel before allocation: Users can now “cancel anytime” or cancel their booking attempt even before a driver gets assigned to them.

SAVE PLACES. The new feature allows users to save destinations they usually go to. Grab app screengrab

Saved places: Grab patrons now have the option to “save” places aside from home and work. The feature allows quick selection of destinations for pick-up and drop-off.

Rewards points for passengers canceled on: If a driver cancels the passenger booking, the user will now get 30 GrabReward points which will be credited within 24 hours.

GrabRewards is the firm’s loyalty program which can be used to purchase food, services, discounts.

CHANGE. Last minute changes in booking destination can be done through the new feature. Grab app screengrab

Change destination: In case of last minute changes for drop-off points, users can now modify their destination while in transit. Users have to wait to be picked up before they can change the drop-off point.

Changing their destination can be done by viewing the driver details and then tapping “change” on the right side of the supposed drop-off point.

The fare will be updated depending on the distance traveled and the distance left to reach the new destination. Because of that, it will only be available for GrabCar, GrabCar 6-seater, and GrabCar Premium services in Metro Manila, Cebu, Bacolod, and Pampanga.

Lost and found: A lost and found feature is also now integrated in the app to help passengers connecting with their driver in case they left something in the car.

To contact the driver immediately after the ride, the passenger only has to click the history tab and view the driver details. Pressing the call button would immediately place a call to the driver.

The call button function is available within 4 hours after the trip has ended.

Passenger time-out: Users who frequently cancel after being allocated rides will also be locked out from booking with the new “passenger time-out” feature. This addresses drivers complaints on passengers who cancel even if the driver is on the way to their pick-up point.

The following users who cancel will not be able to book a service for a maximum of 23 hours:

  • Two cancelations within one hour
  • 3 cancelations within 24 hours
  • 5 cancelations within 7 days


MULTI-STOP. Deliveries can be sent up to 5 people. Grab app screengrab

Multi-stop delivery: This feature allows users to send deliveries to at most 5 different recipients and locations with one driver.

Multiple concurrent bookings: This features targets social sellers and micro-entrepreneurs, allowing them to send a maximum of 10 parcels using differnet delivery bikers at the same time. –

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