Adulting 101: How to transfer funds via BPI QR code
Adulting 101: How to transfer funds via BPI QR code
Transferring via QR codes is currently the only free option users have when transferring to an unenrolled account

BPI will be implementing a P10 fee  when transferring funds to unenrolled 3rd-party accounts online come July 1. The move was met with criticism online as this type of transfer was formerly free of charge, and enrolling 3rd party accounts require a physical visit to the bank. 

Currently, there is still another way to transfer funds to unenrolled accounts for free: transferring via QR code, although BPI has said in its update that it will only be free for a limited time. We’ve lined up the steps here in case you need a little help.

Generating QR code

1) Log in on the app or on the BPI website. 

2) Tap the menu icon on top left indicated by the 3 horizontal lines.

3) Tap “Other Services.”

4) Tap “QR Generator.” 

5) Select the account that will be receiving the incoming funds, and enter a nickname. The nickname could be just anything; the QR code’s what’s important. 

6) Tap “Generate.” 

7) Tap “Save to Device.” You now have your QR code saved as an image in your device, which you can send to your transaction partner, so they can transfer funds to your chosen account. Here’s a graphic showing the steps:

Transferring money

1) Ask the receiver for the QR code. For those receiving money, send the QR code image to the transaction partner. 

2) On the “Transfer Money” page, tap the “Transfer to 3rd party” option.

3) Tap the QR code icon, which is the one on the left.

4) You can either scan the QR code displayed on another device or choose “Import QR from Gallery.” 

5) Confirm the details, and type in the one-time PIN sent to your phone. 


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