iPhone XR vs. iPhone 11: Which should you get?

iPhone XR vs. iPhone 11: Which should you get?
The XR is now priced cheaper, while the 11 boasts fancy new camera tricks and the latest Apple processor

MANILA, Philippines – The iPhone 11 is taking its place as the “budget” option in this year’s lineup of iPhones. It’s already made a good impression as it launches $50 cheaper than last year’s XR. The XR was $749 at launch. The 11 is priced at $699. 

The XR, however, stays in the roster. It’s been given a price cut. From $749, it’s now down to $599. And if you’re looking for an even cheaper iPhone, there’s the $449 iPhone 8, down from $599. The iPhone 7, 7 Plus, XS, and XS Max have all been officially discontinued, so if you specifically want those, you’ll have to hunt them down in other non-official Apple stores. (READ: Everything Apple announced at its September 2019 event)

In the Philippines, the XR has already received the price cuts, as seen on Apple’s website. The starting price is now P40,990 for the XR, down from P50,990 – along with the corresponding cuts for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

What we’re looking at right now though are the iPhone XR and the iPhone 11. Here’s a chart to help you see if you can just spring for the cheaper but still very capable XR or just go for the newer 11: 

It may seem like there aren’t a lot of changes, but there are several key ones. Start with the chip. The A13 Bionic chip is said to be 20% faster and 40% more power efficient than the A12. That means, even if the bump in battery seems small, the 11, according to Apple, gives you one more hour of battery life than the XR. The 11 can also charge faster with 18-watt fast-charging compared to the XR’s 15-watt charging. 

The camera is the next big change. The 11 finally has a night mode, and has been given an extra ultrawide lens – and ask anyone who’s played around with ultrawide shots, and they’ll tell you that’s a nice, practical addition.

There’s also a nice bump in resolution for the front camera. But here’s the one thing that spec sheets don’t say: the iPhone 11’s front cameras can now do super slow-mo selfie videos. It’s a cool party trick, and one that may potentially be a new tool for all of you mobile creatives out there.  

Another bump-up: the 11 can survive water dips of up to 2 meters as opposed to the XR’s 1 meter. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find that one-meter difference handy one day. 

Both will also have iOS 13. 

The difference between them isn’t huge but noticeable enough. The XR was popular last year for giving Apple fans a cheaper option. Now at $599 in the US or P40,990 in the Philippines, one could argue that it’s even more attractive now. It’s still completely capable, so if you don’t mind losing out a bit on a few percentage points on performance and the new camera tricks, the XR could be for you. – Rappler.com

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