‘Hearthstone’: Pro tips from the Sibol players

Kyle Chua
Dustin ‘WaningMoon’ Mangulabnan and Jacinta ‘Jia’ Dee share their tips on how you can get better at 'Hearthstone'

SIBOL. Dustin 'WaningMoon' Mangulabnan and Jacinta 'Jia' Dee will be representing the Philippines in the Hearthstone tourney of SEA Games 2019. Photo by Kyle Chua/Rappler

MANILA, Philippines – Hearthstone, a digital collectible card game set in the Warcraft universe, will be among the 6 esports titles to be featured as a medal event in the 2019 Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games). 

Dustin “WaningMoon” Mangulabnan and Jacinta “Jia” Dee will be representing the Philippines for the game as part of Sibol Philippines, the national esports team for the event. 

We had the chance to talk to them, and we asked them for some tips to help you improve your skills in the game. Read them below. 

Stream pro games

To play like the pros, you’ve got to watch pros play. It’s a pretty straightforward tip that works well for a game such as Hearthstone where the decisions you make for each of your turns affect your chances of winning. Pay attention to what cards the pros are playing. Put yourself in their shoes and see if you would use the same cards they did if you had that same hand for that turn. Try to understand the thought and strategy behind the plays that they’re making. 

Review your own games

It’s very important in Hearthstone that you’re able to make the most optimal plays with the cards and mana crystals you have for a given turn. But your turns have a time limit, which means you can’t take all the time you need just to plan. You eventually have to make a decision and play the cards you want or risk wasting your turn.

That’s why it helps to go back to your own games and find out what you could have done differently if given more time.

Both pros suggest installing “HSReplay,” a third-party companion app that lets you watch replays of your games. It also adds an in-game overlay that lets you keep track of the cards in your deck, your opponent’s cards, and the turn timer. On top of this, it includes analytics tools to help you build better decks. 

Ask others for help

There are countless ways to play the cards you have in your hand for a specific turn. You alone might not always be able to figure out what cards you need to play in order to reach the best possible outcome for that turn. So reach out to those who know more about the game than you do to give you some advice.

Building upon the previous tip, ask them to watch your replays. Let them give their input about the way you play. Whether this is your friend in real life or someone you meet online, having someone else give you an objective analysis of your deck and your skills can help you get better faster.

Luck (almost) has nothing to do with results

Yes, there’s an element of randomness in Hearthstone since you don’t know what card you might draw from your deck next. However, statistically-speaking, luck becomes less of a factor the more games you play.

For instance, you’re playing a best-of-five series with your friend. You lose the first game because you drew a bad hand. Sure, you can blame luck for that. But if you also lose the next two games, then it might have more to do with your skill rather than luck. 

That’s why you should not let losing a game or two get to you. Instead of blaming the random elements of the game, ask yourself if you brought the best deck you could possibly create to the match. You always need to look at the most likely outcome rather than the result itself.  – Rappler.com