Reactions: PlayStation 5 memes compare console to routers, popped collars
Reactions: PlayStation 5 memes compare console to routers, popped collars
Sony fans and meme-makers come out in full force to talk and joke about the PS5's design

MANILA, Philippines – With the end of the livestream revealing the look of the PlayStation 5 and its titles, gamers are out in force online to share their thoughts and, yes, their memes on the matter of the upcoming console… and the decided absence of any pricing details.


Those tuning in to the show had much to say on Reddit’s PS4PS5, and PlayStation subreddits, where a number were initially confused as to whether the PS5 could be laid on its side horizontally, rather than propped up in a vertical orientation.

Reddit user unclehotwheels noted the “very low ‘wife approval factor'” as a result of the initial reveal of the PS5’s form, which may not fit designer interiors as well as most gamers would like. 

Meanwhile, user Stink_Snake couldn’t believe the look of the PS5, saying, “If someone leaked this yesterday I would have called it fake.”

Some number of commenters, such as antiform_prime, were also speculating on the non-existent price announcement, calling it “a game of chicken” between Sony and Microsoft as to who would announce a more expensive price.

Twitter memes

Meanwhile, meme makers on Twitter were having a field day with the PS5, comparing it to Xbox’s “fridge-like” form factor and making obvious comparisons to reverse oreos, papal hats, and futuristic looking routers. It’s the PS5’s turn on the ride. Remember when the iPhone 11 was compared to stoves and fidget spinners



Also a classic, the Yu-Gi-Oh Seto Kaiba jacket reference:


Overall? Analysts and a good number of games media were pleasantly hyped for the reveal of the games and the console. As Niko Partners senior analyst Daniel Ahmad noted, there were more than 7 million people tuning in, showing “signaling high interest in next gen.”

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