8 tech ideas worth watching from Elevation Pitch

Victor Barreiro Jr.

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8 tech ideas worth watching from Elevation Pitch
Whether it's games, energy saving technology, or social media tracking, these 8 tech ideas are worth looking at in the future to see how they develop

MANILA, Philippines – At the first Elevation Pitch event held on Tuesday, August 19, at the Manila Polo Club, 20 companies, comprised of 10 junior startups and 10 existing companies, came out with their best pitches to an audience of venture capitalists and entrepreneurs.

The companies were aiming to pick up new investments, interested customers, and support from established business owners. They each had 5 minutes to present a pitch to the audience and a number of venture capitalists, then answer questions about their product from the venture capitalists.

For some of them, one hurdle was establishing a bridge between conventional business owners and the burgeoning technology sector. The rewards for making their ideas accessible to investors, however, would be immense.

Whether the product was a video game, new energy saving technology, or a social media tracking system, these 8 tech ideas are worth looking at in the future to see how they develop.

Sari Software Solutions

Sari Software Solutions aims to empower sari-sari stores (small, family-owned retail stores) and microentrepreneurs by providing them with apps and tools to make engaging in certain aspects of their business easier.

Their first application, SariLoad, is an app designed to monitor a store’s sales of cellular phone credits, known locally as cellphone load.


CodeToki wants to help teach people how to code. Using gamification – incentivizing actions and learning through rewards – Codetoki aims to further train students in programming languages they can use to become more valuable in the workplace.

For a fee, CodeToki provides certification exams for students who want to be vetted for the learning they’ve acquired, and companies also pay a monthly fee to see information that can help them find students of CodeToki with the right certifications they need for the jobs they have.

DRONE SERVICES. Screen shot from SkyEye website.


SkyEye is a Philippine Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) services company that allows companies and government agencies to hire the services of its drones for a variety of functions, such as surveying land, monitoring watersheds, or a variety of disaster response and aerial reconnaisance needs.

The drones are built by SkyEye themselves and, along with the companies’ various systems, the company can rapidly respond to any requests for service.

Individual jobs can range from anywhere between P20,000 ($456) to P3 million ($68,000) , depending on the complexity and adjustments required for the task.

ENERGY MANAGEMENT. Screen shot from WattSmart website.


WattSmart is a hardware-software system that connects to a home’s circuit breaker, allowing users in the home to have a real-time energy management system. Using a computer, homeowners can see how much electricity each appliance or device is eating up, in addition to tracking how much a homeowner’s electricity bill would be for a month.

For a small installation fee and a monthly subscription to the WattSmart monitor service, users get to see just how energy hungry certain appliances are, and can also learn about which devices can actually be replaced or better controlled to increase a household’s savings in the long run. The system also helps users check out options for sourcing electricity, such as solar panels.

Reach (by Rappler)

Rappler’s upcoming Reach platform allows users to visualize their social network, helping both individuals and companies track those that influence a particular topic of conversation so they can be better informed about how to engage communities online and market ideas or products.

By identifying communities and the people in them, Reach can help chart the relationships existing inside the social media data available to everyone. These can be seen as real-world actionable intelligence, and it can allow people to go deeper than digital metrics to see and understand the underlying relationships that drive a particular interaction.


Kalibrr is a recruiting platform that develops assessments for making better hiring decisions.

On one end, companies use Kalibrr to find and quickly assess candidates for jobs from a centralized location where the companies know they’re getting people trained to work on the jobs they need to fill.

At the same time, much like CodeToki, Kalibrr also serves prospective jobseekers by helping them learn skills specific to particular companies.

This ensures that qualified jobseekers through Kalibrr can be more effective at the jobs companies want to hire people for.


TwitMusic is a marketing platform for the music industry to better promote music to people through Twitter. Through various campaigns, TwitMusic is able to convert people who enjoy music and want to engage with their favorite artists into customers who can either spread the word about a particular artist or simply get them to buy music.

With a competitive pricing model for its services and a real-time analytics system that allows them to track how well a campaign is going, TwitMusic hopes to disrupt music marketing in the age of social media.

Altitude Games

Altitude Games is a mobile game company that seeks to show the Filipino pride by making world-class mobile games for everyone to enjoy. Made by some game industry veterans, Altitude’s first game, Run Run Super V, is a super powered team-themed endless runner with boss battles between good and evil robots cutting up gameplay, much like shows like the Power Rangers franchise or Voltes V.

The game’s initial test is slated to be on the Philippine Google Play Store, with a worldwide release to come later on after further tweaks and improvements. – Rappler.com

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