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Startup founder Christopher Star’s advice for content creators

Victor Barreiro Jr.
Startup founder Christopher Star’s advice for content creators
The marketing mentor and startup consultant preaches consistency and resilience, not just for business founders but for content creators as well

In a May episode of Rappler’s Inside the Industry podcast, startup founder Christopher Star discussed his love of content creation, namely in the podcast scene.

While he works as a marketing mentor-slash-consultant for startups and is associated with the QBO Innovation Hub, he makes podcasts in his spare time. He is one of the hosts of Under the Influence, a podcast which engages in conversations with influencers.

Aside from this, he also makes content on Kumu and TikTok.


Inside the Industry x Kumu: Startups in the Philippines with Christopher Star

Inside the Industry x Kumu: Startups in the Philippines with Christopher Star

Star shared his thoughts on content creation during the podcast, giving tips to budding content creators as well as some advice that could go well for both business founders and content makers too.

‘Consistently create’

One of the biggest pieces of advice Star had to give to budding content creators was to “consistently create.”

He reminded budding content creators that they “don’t build an empire overnight.”

Star explained, “A lot of creators, they create once and then they get discouraged when they don’t get any views or shares or they livestream and they don’t talk to anyone.”

It takes planning, patience, and feedback to make a dent in a creative industry, and to that end, he advised people to be consistent in their creative endeavors.

Grab opportunities, focus on being better

Star, in discussing how businesses establish themselves, also mentioned the expansion of Kumu, the community livestreaming platform, as a matter of timing but also of grabbing opportunities.

According to Star, “the real success secret isn’t just the opportunities you’re willing to grab but the ones who are grabbing these opportunities.”

Regarding this, Star referred to Kumu pivoting from a chat and messaging app to a streaming platform during the pandemic. He explained, “Even if Kumu got lucky (as a result of the pandemic)… it wouldn’t have happened if the founders and the management didn’t take advantage of the situation and really push hard.”

“That’s something I learned myself, that resiliency is extremely important as a founder.” Star extended this advice to content creators looking to make their own mark by starting up their own shows or podcasts.

With regard to that mindset, he advised business founders and content creators to think “What do I have? How can I improve myself so that I become ready as a founder?”

For content creators especially, he noted how they have to soldier on and keep building towards the future, even while watching out for potential growth areas to be visible.

Creation as a collaborative process

Star also pointed to both creation and business as being a collaborative process. The collaborative process, he said, wasn’t just with the people you’re making your content or business with, but also with the audience you’re trying to reach.

Taking on the idea of improving your content further means talking to people. Star said it meant “understanding what’s out there, including your competitors.”

One thing he advised was “obsessing on your customers – or your audience, if you’re a content creator.”

By this, he meant, “understanding who’s watching, who’s listening, who you’re serving…rather than obsessing on ‘how do I become rich?’ or ‘how do I get funding’ or ‘how do I find the next big thing?'”

For those who want to succeed, Star advised prospective content creators and business founders to start talking to people, asking them what they find good or bad – in relation to your content or your business – and then making adjustments based on new information as it comes in. –

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