This wearable neckband records hands-free 360-degree videos

MANILA, Philippines -With $340,160 worth of pledges on Kickstarter as of writing, the FITT360, which calls itself the first wearable 360-degree camera, has surpassed its $50,000 goal.

Its creator, Linkflow – which itself is a Samsung spinoff – wants the device to be widely accessible by having it capture 360 first-person videos in the simplest and most unobtrusive way possible – minus having to hold a camera in your hand. Free of complex buttons, users need only hit the "Quick Capture" button on the neckband to begin recording.

The neckband comes equipped with 3 full HD cameras that capture everything around its wearer for up to 90 minutes. Its mobile companion app then stabilizes the captured video and normalizes exposure before stitching all 3 together. Captured video can be exported in both 360-degree video or 2K photo/video.

It has livestreaming capabilities, an embedded GPS for tracking, and doubles as a bluetooth headset for listening music or taking calls. 

When it comes to its physical design, the neckband is one-size-fits-all. On top of this, it supposedly rids heat that builds up from the wearer’s neck and has an IPX6 waterproof rating to suit a wide variety of locations or situations.

As of writing, the Kickstarter is still accepting pledges since a number of the reward packages are still available. The FITT360 is expected to arrive on October of this year and is reportedly going to retail for around $700. It's a neat proposition and we'll be sure to see how well it works in reality when the device is launched. –