The Huawei P20: Expected specs and features

MANILA, Philippines - Huawei’s upcoming flagship, the P20 may have some big shoes to fill being the successor to the well-received P10. Judging by all the rumored information trickling from various sources, it may even surpass its predecessor in terms of measuring up to its competitors this year. 

With its official reveal set for March 27 in Paris, here are some of the rumored specs and features we’re expecting:

Triple cameras for the P20 Pro

One of the earlier rumors to surface online regarding the P20 is that it’s going to be sporting a three-camera system – which is partly true. Leaked renders of the P20 and the P20 Lite show the phones having dual cameras while the P20 Pro is the only one with three.

It’s not yet entirely clear what the three-camera system is going to offer. Traditionally, the dual camera setup offers various functionalities such as different zoom levels, depth recognition, increased picture richness and dynamic range, to name some.

So what does the third one do? A set of recently released official videos seem to hint at a low aperture function for low light shooting and a high-pixel count telephoto lens. This third camera joins the dual cameras that reportedly come with f/1.6 and f/2.4 apertures.

If it does come with the f/1.6 lens, it will be a big jump from its predecessors f/2.2 cameras. Currently, the Samsung Galaxy S9 series has the largest known aperture at f/1.5, a smaller jump from the S8's f/1.7 shooter.

For the uninitiated, a smaller f-number denotes a bigger aperture opening for more light to come in, thus making it important in low-light situations. 

Cameras with AI

The usual highlight of a Huawei P-series flagship release are its cameras and the P20 should be no exception. A gallery of sample photos allegedly taken with the P20 surfaced online not too long ago. According to TechRadar, the photos indicate that it was taken with a 12MP camera at a 2960 x 3952 resolution. On top of this, the cameras are said to have a built-in AI that could recognize and automatically adjust settings for photos.

An AI-powered camera is expected highly as Huawei's last premium release, the Mate 10 series had already been trumpeting its abilities to recognize scenes fast, and adjust camera settings accordingly. 

iPhone X-like notch

The controversial notch design is set to make its Huawei debut with the release of the P20 family. It’s been previously reported that the P20’s notch is one of the smallest in any smartphone in the market right now. With the leaked renders reaffirming its inclusion, those against the notch may just have to accept that it must have been the best compromise for Huawei to push the P20’s screen size. 

Arguing against the notch is a moot point now. It was popularized by the iPhone X, although a notch did first appear on an Android, the Essential Phone. For whatever reason, it's currently the simplest solution to maximizing screen size without removing the front camera and accompanying sensors. Vivo had proposed a solution at Mobile World Congress 2018 with a pop-up camera, but currently it's just a concept. So: it's the notch we'll have to live with for now, even if it's a direct design rip-off. 


The P20 and the P20 Pro are rumored to be housing a Kirin 970 chipset. Adding to this, GSMArena reports the P20 will be powered by a 3,400 mAh battery while the P20 Pro will get a larger 4,000 mAh battery.

Unlike its two more expensive siblings, there’s now more information on the P20 Lite and its specs thanks to a newly posted hands-on video shared by TechRadar. Here are its key specs:

Our expectations with the Lite serving as baseline? 6GB of RAM for the P20 Pro, a quad HD (QHD) screen for both standard P20 and Pro, and a 256GB option for at least the Pro.

Unique colors

The P20 and the P20 Pro are going to be flaunting similar matte finishes while the P20 Lite is going to ship with a reflective glass back. If the previously leaked renders are to be believed, the P20 family is shipping in some unique-looking colors including "twilight", different hues of blue, and an eye-catching multi-tone one. 


As initially reported, and if European prices are directly converted, the P20 is expected to sell for roughly P43,800; while the Pro could go for as much as P58,027; and the Lite at an estimated P23,825. Last year's P10 was launched at P28,990 while the P10 Plus went for P36,990.

If the rumored prices come true, they would represent an even bigger price jump than the S9's, going from from the S8's P40,000 to its current P45,000 while the Plus version jumped from P46,000 to P53,000. –