New tricks: What are iOS 13’s most useful new features?

Apple’s latest mobile operating system update, iOS 13, has begun rolling out. Along with iterative performance improvements and bug fixes, the update revamps some frequently used apps and adds some cool new features.

Here’s a quick rundown of the most useful features to check out!

Dark mode

After first being introduced for the Mac in the Mojave update, Dark Mode has finally made its way to iOS. The setting lets you change the bright white backgrounds and buttons of apps to much darker colors, making it easier for your eyes, as well as, extend your phone’s battery life. Having the feature for iOS allows it to be toggled system-wide instead of individually for apps that have it.

To toggle the feature, just bring up the Control Center and tap the Dark Mode button.

Control Center Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

When Apple redesigned the control center with iOS 11, it allowed Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to be turned on or off in just a single tap. But, you could not choose which network or accessory you wanted to connect to without having to open Settings.

With iOS 13, you can now access Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings from the Control Center, saving you some time from having to navigate your phone. You simply have to long-press the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth button to bring up a list of available networks and devices.

Sign in with Apple

Apple doubled-down on their promise to protect the privacy of their users when they first unveiled iOS 13 at their annual Worldwide Developer Conference last June. 

One of the features they touted that would help do so is Sign In With Apple, which allows you to sign in to apps and websites using your Apple ID, instead of your other social media accounts.

The difference with using your Apple ID is that Apple said that they would not track your activity and would only give these third-party apps or sites the minimum information they need about you. The feature also lets you use a randomized email address for sign-ins to protect your real email’s privacy.

Bluetooth privacy settings

Apple also added new privacy settings that force apps to ask for your consent before accessing Bluetooth connections. See, some apps use Bluetooth to track your location. Apple is giving you the ability to stop them from doing so by sending you notifications of which apps track you then letting you decide whether to grant them access to Bluetooth or not.

Revamped editing tools

The update brings some cool new tools for editing both photos and videos. For photos, you can now better adjust the lighting with new effects for Portrait Mode and a slider that controls the intensity of the light. For videos, meanwhile, you get some of the basic tools that allow you to rotate clips, apply filters, and crop what you don’t want to see in the frame. –