Rappler Game Night: 'Detroit: Become Human'

MANILA, Philippines – Detroit: Become Human, Quantic Dream's interactive sci-fi drama about androids questioning and seeking their place in society, is out now. 

Since being revealed in 2016, the PS4-exclusive has been on the radar for many gamers, especially those who have experienced the studio's brand of videogames – cinematic titles that attempt to tell a fleshed-out story with powerful characters as opposed to in-your-face twitch gaming.  

In this episode of Rappler Game Night, we finally get the chance to dive into Detroit in the not-so-far-off 2038, and wade into the thick turmoil that the disruption that the advent of servant androids has brought about. It promises a poignant tale of humanity's ironic struggles in the face of progress, and in this game's case, sociopolitical tensions not unlike those that have been faced by real-life minorities. 

Watch us as we play through the first hour of the game, playing as Connor, Kara, and Marcus – the different lenses through which we view this robot-disrupted future. – Rappler.com