Rappler Game Night: 'Monster Hunter: World'

MANILA, Philippines  – Monster Hunter: World. Arguably the most hyped game of early 2018. It's been tearing up the videogame box office in Japan, UK, and has recently upended the insanely popular PUBG (PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds) as the top paid game on the Xbox store. In other words, everyone's been playing it, and everyone's been talking about it.

Tonight, include us in the conversation. We play 2018's biggest hit so far in this episode of Game Night.

And it's not just us playing.

We invited two hardcore Monster Hunter: World players from the Monster Hunter: World Philippines community on Facebook to show us the ropes, and help us defeat the fearsome Barroth! 

The guys, Keith Gallardo and Jason de Ocampo are also moderators from the said Facebook community. They helped our very own Victor Barreiro, a Monster-Hunter-in-training, to understand the inner workings of the game's armor and weapon systems, as well as the hub town of the game, Astera. Watch the full episode above! – Rappler.com