Rappler picks: Our 5 favorite E3 trailers and videos

Video game trailers and videos abound whenever the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) surfaces, with console makers and game developers trying to dazzle and increase the hype for their upcoming titles.

Rappler was not only at E3 to cover the event on the ground, but also remotely through the power of video streaming and YouTube uploads. We've watched a ton of game trailers and E3-related videos released on YouTube during this time, and we've decided to choose 5 of our favorites.

What makes these our favorites?

After seeing a ton of trailers, you'd expect to find some favorites that resonate with you for a variety of reasons. Not only were these 5 picks of ours fun to watch; They also captured our attention the strongest, for a variety of reasons. 

In no particular order, here are our 5 favorite videos and trailers from E3.

God of War

From the Sony press conference, the God of War E3 Gameplay Trailer was fun to watch because of how unexpected it was. Kratos now has a family – a beard and a son, anyway – and that's what makes it so strange and wonderful. 

Has Kratos mellowed out? Is he still in fighting form? Where the heck is he? The trailer poses tantalizing glimpses of what to expect from the erstwhile god of war in his upcoming adventure... or it could very well set us up for a twist when we eventually end up playing his son instead.

Resident Evil VII


Resident Evil returning to its horror roots, with a song that makes us remember Silent Hill? What's not to love?

If that doesn't hype you up for a multiplatform release and VR treatment, we don't know what will.

We Happy Few

We Happy Few by Compulsion Games was on the Xbox side of the E3 conference and was an inspired bit of trailer-making. The trailer above subverted expectations across the trailer's length, shocking you into its revelations as the end of the trailer grew closer.

Should we be worried about our sanity? You have to wonder what it says about us when we love this trailer so much.

Death Stranding


It was impossible to leave this out of the top 5 picks. When Hideo Kojima provides viewers with a virtual, naked Norman Reedus covered in black oil and cradling a baby that magically disappears... you really can't tear your eyes away.

We expect this trailer to get a lot of analysis from the gaming pundits in YouTube, primarily to figure out what the game is actually going to be about. 

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Of course, we'd rather not end with some crazy Norman Reedus nudity, now, wouldn't we? The trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild captured our imagination in a way that reminded us of a Nintendo version of The Witcher, except we've got gliders, vertical exploration and far less blood and sex going on. 

Best of all, Breath of the Wild was covered with a ton of additional information on the Nintendo YouTube channel.

Raring for more videos? Check out the PlayStation and Xbox Youtube channels as well for more on a ton of other console games!Happy viewing! Rappler.com