Rappler Talk: Legal ramifications Facebook faces in PH for security breach

MANILA, Philippines – In late September 2018, Facebook reported a massive data breach that involved 50 million Facebook users being hacked. 

The root of the vulnerability was the site's "View As" feature, which let users see their profile from the perspective of another user. This, plus another vulnerability related to a video uploading feature, allowed hackers to steal the access tokens. 

For putting the data of millions of people at risk, at least one data privacy government agency in the world has started to investigate Facebook, possibly leading to a huge fine of around $1.6 billion in the EU. 

Does Facebook face similar penalties in the Philippines? For answers to this and other questions on possible legal ramifications that the social network may be facing here in the country, Rappler talks to lawyer Francis Acero, the complaints and investigation chief of the National Privacy Commission, on Saturday, October 6. – Rappler.com