Social media updates roundup: September 3 to 9, 2017

In this weekly list, we compile the tweaks and changes you should know about what for a lot of us is our most common point-of-interaction with technology: social media. From Facebook to Reddit, these platforms aren't static; they're constantly changing. We keep track of the most important and most intriguing changes here. 

Facebook is teasing a bunch of new features this week while improving the customer experience on free messaging mobile app, Whatsapp. Meanwhile, Youtube enhances audience-creator interaction through some live streaming improvements. Check them all out below. 

Youtube speeds up and improves host-viewer interaction

Youtube now allows its content creators to stream in ultra-low latency in order to correspond faster with viewers, according to its blog. Higher latency means there is a delay in the correspondence between viewer and streamer, with the delay being up to 10 seconds sometimes. The ultra-low latency option solves that.

Viewers are likely to experience more buffering, but if live streamers are looking to interact with their audiences in real-time, then followers with slower connections will have to sacrifice a little. Live chat moderation has also been enhanced to allow instant deletions of inappropriate messages. 

Following cues from last week’s Mixer Create and Twitch improvements, the video giant also enhanced their iOS app to stream activity from other compatible games and apps such as Vainglory, and even Procreate. 

Businesses now know WhatsApp

There are now even more ways for businesses to engage with consumers. Facebook-owned Whatsapp will now allow companies and businesses to have an official presence, opening up another line of communication that both consumer and business can take advantage of.

The new tools by Whatsapp will cater to both small businesses and enterprises that have global markets. Business accounts will no longer be able to use the free Whatsapp features, and their new options are set to be announced in the coming weeks.

Facebook evolving into Tinder? 

Motherboard reports that Facebook is currently testing a feature that encourages friends to hang out in real life, which the site describes as Tinder-like. Currently in limited test mode, the Messenger feature gives users suggestions on which friends may be looking to meet up.

The feature privately asks the user if they'd like to meet up or not with a certain person, and if both parties said yes, that's when both parties are informed that they both agreed – similar to Tinder's mechanism, except with known Facebook friends and not strangers. 

The test is currently limited to some users in Toronto and New Zealand, on iOS and Android. The Motherboard reported chanced upon the new feature as he was one of the randomly selected users. 

Facebook's colored comments

Facebook’s cosmetic enhancements have trickled down to the comments section in the form of ombré-style colored bubbles. If you've seen the colored status posts, this one is similar. It lets people posts comments while selecting a colored background for their comment. According to The Next Web, the feature is currently only appearing on mobile for a small number of users. There may be some that are hoping it stays that way. 

In testing: cross-publishing Stories from Instagram to Facebook

As pointed out by Mashable, Instagram may soon allow you to cross-publish the ephemeral Stories to Facebook. Facebook's own Stories feature hasn't been as well-received as in Instagram, and Facebook is probably hoping that the Instagram Story integration will train Facebook users to be comfortable with ephemeral content on the platform. Regular Instagram posts have always been available for sharing on Facebook.

Twitter enables Night Mode on desktop

You can now enable night mode on! Also available on Twitter for iOS and Android. — Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) September 6, 2017

To the delight of browser users and night owls, Twitter has extended night mode to desktop. Night mode features a deep, dark blue look that should make it easier for your eyes to read when you’re in a darker environment. Everyone can now enjoy Twitter in the dark by simply toggling the Night Mode option on your own Twitter page. –