Tech today: DDS DDoS attacks, FB’s 'social progress' bonus, 230 new emojis

Philippine alternative media network pins DDoS attacks on Duterte administration

Philippine alternative media network AlterMidya pins recent huge distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against two member websites – and Kodao Productions – on the Duterte administration and the DDS (Duterte die-hard supporters).

“We believe that there is no one else that could possibly be behind these attacks than the Duterte administration itself, which has taken increasingly bold steps to curtail press freedom and the people’s right to know,” the network said in an email to Rappler.

Qurium, a Swedish nonprofit, has stepped in to help AlterMidya since the first wave of attacks began in December 2018, and then again on January 25. The non-profit believes the attack is coordinated, with one attack making use of 2,000 computers, “requiring an extraordinary amount of resources.”

230 new emojis coming in 2019

The Unicode Consortium, the California-based nonprofit that enforces the Unicode standard, has approved 230 new emojis this year, Tuesday, January 5, US time.

New animals include a sloth, skunk, and orangutan. Also spotted are onion, garlic, waffles, butter, wheelchairs, canes, and disability dog emojis. Coming to both iOS and Android soon.

Illustration from Emojipedia.


Reddit raising about $150 million to $300 million in new funding round

The frontpage of the internet is hoping to raise a ceiling estimate of $300 million to keep the site running. Chinese tech giant Tencent, which owns WeChat and League of Legends, is reported to be leading this funding round, looking to throw in a cool $150 million.

Reddit currently has 330 million monthly active users, many of whom will likely be starting to make memes about this bit of news.

Employee bonuses on Facebook now based on contributions to social progress

Mark Zuckerberg announced at a company assembly, Tuesday, February 5, US time, that a new performance indicator will be considered when determining employee bonuses: one’s contribution to solutions to any of the major social issues that the company is facing such as data privacy, fake news, and hate speech.

Previously, the bonus formula was based on 6 factors such as user growth and increasing sharing among users. The addition of the social factor appears to be a new attempt by Facebook to steer the platform to a more accountable, responsible direction.

Zuckerberg also said that they’ll be spending $3.7 billion in 2019 for safety and security or about 7% of their $55-billion 2018 revenue.

New Google Chrome extension will alert you if you’re using a compromised username/password combo

Google’s new Password Checkup extension checks the username/password combo you’re using against a database of 4 billion compromised combinations. Google also assures users that they have measures in place that keeps your username and password encrypted as the extension performs its check. Click here to get the extension.

Looking for something more fun? How about this extension that encourages you to be extra lazy by auto-skipping Netflix intros and recaps for you?

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