'Village Base Station Project,' 'Siglo' star at UP tech fair

Siglo – named after UP EEEI's 100 years of existence – can run at a top speed of 32 kilometers per hour.

Dennis Cabildo of UP EEEI, one of the proponents, said Vietnam's electric car entry won the Singapore Shell Eco-Marathon race. The winner car's energy consumption was at 108 kilometers per kilowatt hour, barely edging the Siglo's 107 kilometers per kilowatt hour rating. 

Meralco funded the project with a fund of around P1.2 million.

Their main objective, he said, is "to develop an electric motor vehicle," noting that a study showed that around 2018, a million electric cars would be sold around the world.

Charging of the car's battery, he said, can go from zero to 100% full in about 4 hours and can run on one fully-charged battery from Manila to Clark Field in Pampanga.

Project 2: Developing Closed Captioning for Philippine Languages

Another great entry is one that will benefit people who are hard of hearing: "Project 2: Developing Closed Captioning for Philippine Languages," a project that will automate captioning for television programs.

A law had already been proposed in Congress for closed captioning of television programs, said one of the project heads, Dan Antonio Reyes. While options for closed captioning in English are already prevalent, Filipino and local dialects in the country are not, Reyes said. "We are doing not just Filipino," he said.

He also said that captioning benefits not just those who have trouble hearing; captioning is also a way to help viewers better understand what is being said on the TV.

At present, he said, they have made 80% progress for Filipino captions.

"We are laying down the foundation. We hope others will continue our project," he said, indicating a long-term effort to achieve automatic captioning. Reyes and his co-proponents also said that they are in need of speech data, which TV5 have already been able to provide some of. – Rappler.com

(Correction: The original article said that "Project 2: Developing Closed Captioning for Philippine Languages" partnered with TV5. There is no official partnership between the two, and only that the station provided them speech data, a Project 2 team member told Rappler in an email.)